Textile Sector Skill Council

What we do

TSC’s Functions

  1. Quality Assurance

    Facilitate right kind of training to workers on state-of-the-art technologies:

    • Develop standard occupational procedures for various jobs in consultation with stake holders
    • Assist mills to establish training centers at the mill premises or at any convenient location(s) & will affiliate them to TSC
    • Will undertake third party evaluation of trainees & award certificates
    • Train existing workers
    • Organize training of trainers (TOT) programs
  2. Labor Market Information System (LMIS)
    • Identify skill development needs & prepare catalogue of skill types
    • Develop skill development plan & maintain skill inventory
    • Act as a career guidance for textile sector
    • Set up Labor Market Information System to assist planning and delivery of training
  3. R&D
    • Benchmark international standards
    • Productivity analysis of human resources
    • Identifying ‘technology’ to be taken up for teaching & training

Key Deliverables in 10 years

Number of Job Roles 360
Certifications 1.16 Million
Trainers to be Trained 3770
Training Partners to be Affiliated 580

Affiliation of Training Providers (TP)

The salient objectives of affiliation include:

  1. To assess TP institutions/ Education bodies and their programs that meet defined quality standards.
  2. To foster excellence in TP institutions building effectiveness in delivering NOS or competency based training.
  3. To establish a framework for continuous improvement and provide an opportunity to benchmark with other institutions in India and abroad.
  4. To facilitate developing the professional competency of the learners in tune with the requirements of the sector.

Our Members