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Sensitisation Workshop for Textile Mills in Punjab at Ludhiana.

Press Release (6th July 2019, Ludhiana)

Textile Sector Skill Council (TSC) through active support from NITMA, conducted a sensitization program for Textile mills at Ludhiana on on 6th July 2019.

Recently released Employer led scheme of GoI flagship Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) scheme was explained. Under this scheme, with good efforts of TSC, only Employers or group of Employers, primarily Textile Mills (covering Spinning, Weaving, Knitting and Processing) can directly train in any of the 19 job roles (courses of 340 hrs duration) and get reimbursed for the training cost to tune of Rs.15,878 per candidate for the training duration of 45-60 days. Employer need to take minimum 50% of those trained under the scheme for captive placement. After the training, if candidate is taken as apprentice (also considered as employed) the employer can get direct reimbursement of upto Rs.1500 per month per apprentice for 12 months. Appointment of Apprentice and getting all reimbursement is seamless paperless process through https://apprenticeshipindia.org/portal.

Last date to apply for the Employer led scheme on https://pmkvyrfp.nsdcindia.org/Index.html is 19th July ‘19. Thus an Employer can typically get upto Rs.34,000 for a candidate trained under PMKVY and absorbed as apprentice for 12 months.

Details on the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) scheme for Employers was explained under which they self-evaluate their existing employees (working for more than a year) as onetime process while requiring no formal training under the scheme. As an one time incentive Employer get Rs.300/employee while employee gets Rs.500 in their respective bank accounts.

In both these skilling programs applicable for ONLY Employers, the candidate gets Government recognised skill certificate plus a Rs.2 lac Personal Accident Insurance (including Death and Permanent Disability) for 3 years after success assessment.

It is highly desirable and in greater interest of the Employer to take benefit under the schemes two schemes available only to Employers (Textile Mills).

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