Textile Sector Skill Council

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Mill Sector Linkages

S. No. Training Partner Name
1 Aananda Lakshmi Spinning Mills Limited
2 Adisankara Spinning Mills
3 Adwaith Textiles Ltd
4 Ahmedabad Textile Mills Association (ATMA)
5 AKCT Chidambaram Cotton Mill P Ltd.
6 Alamelubalaji Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
7 Alpine Knits Ind Pvt Ltd
8 ALPS Industries Limited
9 Amarjothi Spinning Mills Ltd
10 Amman Spinning Mills
11 Anangoor Textile Mills (P) Ltd
12 Anugraha Fashion Mill Pvt Ltd.
13 Armstrong Spinning Mills (P) Ltd.
14 Arunachala Gounder Textile Mills (P) Ltd
15 Arunkkumar Spinning Mill Private Limited
16 Aruppukottai Shri Ramalinga Spinners Pvt Ltd
17 Aruppukottai Sri Jayavilas Limited
18 Avaneetha Textiles (P) Ltd
19 B.K.S. Textiles Private Limited
20 Bannari Amman Spinning Mills Limited
21 Best Cheran Spintex India Limited
22 Best Colour Solutions India Pvt Ltd
23 Best Corporation (P) Ltd
24 Bhaskar Foundation
25 Birla Textiles Mills
26 CAV Cotton Mills Ltd.
27 Century Denim
28 Century Textiles & Industries Ltd
29 Chenab Textile Mills
30 Chenduran Cotspin (Ind) Pvt Ltd.
31 Chenniappa Yarn Spinners Pvt Ltd
32 Cheran Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd
33 Chola Textiles (P) Ltd
34 CNV Textiles (P) Ltd.
35 Coimbatore Polytex Pvt  Ltd
36 Colourline Process
37 Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI)
38 Cotton Blossom (India) Pvt Ltd
39 Cotton County Retail Limited
40 D.B.V. Cotton Mills P. Ltd.
41 D.F.F. Textiles
42 D.P.N. Spinners Pvt Ltd
43 Danavarshini Exports (P) Ltd
44 Dattatreya Textiles P Ltd
45 DCM Limited
46 Denim Manufactures Association (DMA)
47 Deventhira Spinners Pvt Ltd
48 Dharshini Impex Pvt. Ltd.
49 Divya Spinning Mill P. Ltd.
50 Dollar Industries Limited
51 Eastern India Textile Mills’ Association ( EITMA )
52 Elkaypee Spinners Pvt Ltd
53 Ellen Textiles (P) Ltd
54 Elljay Textiles Pvt Ltd
55 Emperor Textiles Pvt Ltd
56 Eveready Spinning Mills
57 Excel Cotspin India Private Limited
58 Federation of Indian Art Silk Weaving Industry (FIASWI)
59 G.M.S Processors Pvt Ltd
60 Gillanders Arbuthnot & Co.Ltd
61 Gimatex Industries Pvt. Ltd.
62 Ginni Filaments Limited
63 Ginni International Neemrana
64 GVG Industries (P) Limited
65 Harshni Textiles Limited
66 Hindustan Textiles
67 Indian Spinners Association (ISA)
68 Indian Stitches Pvt Ltd
69 Inditex Processor Pvt Ltd
70 Innovative Textiles Limited
71 Intermarket India Pvt Ltd
72 Jagannath Textile Company Ltd
73 Jayalakshmi Textiles (P) Ltd.
74 Jayavarma Textiles Pvt Ltd.
75 Jeyavishnu Spintex Private Limited
76 Jeyavishnu Tex Processors Private Limited
77 K.K.P Hi Tech Weaving India Pvt Ltd
78 K.K.P Textiles Pvt Ltd
79 K.K.P Weaving India Processing Mills Pvt Ltd
80 K.K.P. Spinning Mills Ltd.
81 K.N.M. Mills(P) Ltd.
82 K.S.R Textile Mills Private Limited
83 K.T. Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd.
84 Kandagiri Spinning Mills Ltd
85 KAS Industries India Pvt. Ltd.
86 Kesharinandan Knit Fabrics (P) Ltd
87 KG Denim Ltd.
88 KG Fabriks Limited
89 KOB Medical Textiles Pvt Ltd
90 KPM Processing Mill Pvt Ltd
91 KPR Mill Limited
92 Krishna Textile Process
93 Krishnapoultry Tex Mill (Ind) Pvt Ltd.
94 Kumaragiri Spinnerss (P) Ltd.
95 Kumaran Textiles
96 Kurinji Spinning Mills (P) Ltd.
97 Lakshmi Narasimha Textiles Pvt Ltd
98 Lakshmivel Mills Pvt Ltd
99 Lakshmivel Mills Pvt Ltd.
100 Loyal Super Fabrics
101 Loyal Textiles Mills Limited
102 LS Mills Limited
103 Lucky Yarn Tex India Private Limited
104 Mahima Fibres Pvt Ltd
105 Mandava Cotton Mills Pvt Ltd
106 Mantharagiri Textiles
107 Maral Overseas Ltd.
108 Maris Spinners Ltd
109 Million Spinners Private Limited
110 Millowners Association, Mumbai (MOA)
111 Mohanspintex India Ltd
112 Mothi Spinner Limited
113 Nahar Industries Ltd.
114 Naveen Cotton Mill Pvt Ltd.
115 Nitin Spinners Ltd
116 Nitin Textiles Private Limited
117 Northern India Textile Mills Association (NITMA)
118 NSL Textiles Ltd
119 Oswal Woolens Mills Ltd.
120 P.K.P.N Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
121 P.N. Tex India (P) Ltd.
122 Pallava Textile Limited
123 Pandian Textile Mills (P) Ltd
124 Pasupati Spinning & Weaving Mills Ltd.
125 Patspin India Limited
126 PK Laxmi Mill India Pvt Ltd.
127 Pongalur Poineer Textiles Pvt Ltd.
128 Powerloom Development & Export Promotion Council (PDEXCIL)
129 Prabath Spinner India (P) Ltd
130 Prabhu Spinning Mills
131 Prassanna Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd.
132 Pratibha Syntex Ltd.
133 Precot Meridian Ltd.
134 Premier Cotton Textiles
135 Premier Fine Linens Pvt Ltd
136 Premier Mills Pvt Ltd
137 Prima Products Pvt Ltd
138 Rajasthan Textile Mills Association (RTMA)
139 Ramakrishna Dyeing Industry
140 Ranger Cotton Mills (India) Pvt Ltd
141 Rasi Tex (In) Pvt Ltd.
142 RB Wovens Pvt.Ltd.
143 Royal Classic Mills Pvt Ltd
144 RSWM Limited
145 Ruckmani Ammal Cotspin Pvt Ltd
146 Rugmini Ram Raghav Spinners Pvt Ltd
147 S.S. Spinning Mills
148 S.V.P.B. Spinners (P) Ltd.
149 Sai Kirubaa Textiles
150 Sai Krishnaa Cotton Mills
151 Salona Cotspin Limited
152 Sambandam Siva Textiles (P) Ltd
153 Sambandam Spinning Mills Ltd
154 Sangeeth Textiles Pvt Ltd.
155 Saranya Spinning Mills (P) Ltd.
156 Saravana Textiles Pvt Ltd.
157 Sasi Anand Spinning Mills (Ind) Pvt Ltd.
158 Sel Manufaturing Company Limited
159 Senthur Textiles (P) Ltd.
160 Shakthi Knitting Ltd
161 Sheshadri Industries Limited
162 Shingora Textiles Ltd
163 Shiny Knitwear
164 Shiny Processing Mills Pvt Ltd.
165 Shiva Bharathi Syyntex Ind Pvt Ltd
166 Shiva Texyarn Limited (UnitII)
167 Shivasakthi Fashions Pvt Ltd
168 Shree Rajasthan Syntex Limited
169 Shree Senthil Andavar Textiles
170 Shri Chintamani Textiles Mills Ltd (A Unit of Loyal Textile Mills)
171 Shri Dhanalakshmi Spinntex Private Limited
172 Shri Govindaraja Textiles (P) Ltd
173 Shri Hari Krishna Cotton Mills (P) Ltd.
174 Shri Hari Process
175 Shri Indhira Cotton Mills
176 Shri Mookambiga Mills Pvt Ltd.
177 Shri Ramalinga Mills Limited  (A Unit)
178 Shri Siddhivinayaga Tex Ind Pvt Ltd.
179 Shrini Softex Ind Ltd.
180 Shristi Cotspinn Pvt Ltd.
181 Shumathy Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd.
182 Sitaram Spinners Pvt. Ltd.
183 Siva Subramania Textiles
184 Sivaraj Spinning Mills
185 SJLT Spinning Mills P Ltd
186 SJLT Textiles Pvt Ltd
187 Sky Cotex India Pvt Ltd.
188 Sky Weaves
189 Sona Yukti Private Limited
190 Southern India Mills Association ( SIMA )
191 Sowmiya Spinners Pvt. Ltd.
192 Space Textiles Pvt Ltd.
193 Spentex Industries  Limited
194 Spentex Industries Limited
195 Spictex Cotton Mills(P) Ltd.
196 Sree Anandhakumar Mills Limited
197 Sree Ayyanar Spinning And Weaving Mills Limited
198 Sree Jagathguru Textiles Mills (P) Ltd
199 Sree Koppammal Cotton Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd
200 Sree Meenakshi Mills Ltd
201 Sree Narasimha  Textiles (P) Ltd
202 SRG Apparels Pvt Ltd.
203 Sri Balambika Textile Mills (P) Ltd.
204 Sri Cheran Synthetics India Pvt Ltd.
205 Sri Gomathy Mills Pvt Limited
206 Sri Iyyan Textile Mills (P) Ltd.
207 Sri Jagannatha Spinners Pvt. Ltd.
208 Sri Jaya Jothi & Co.Ltd.
209 Sri Jayavilas Subbaraj Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
210 Sri Kannapiran Mills Limited
211 Sri Karpagam Mills India (P) Ltd
212 Sri Karthikeya Spinning & Weaving Mills Pvt. Ltd.
213 Sri Karunambikai Mills Pvt Ltd.
214 Sri Kumaraguru Mill
215 Sri Lakshmi Saraswathi Textiles (Arni ) Limited
216 Sri Lakshmikantha Spinners Limited
217 Sri Matha Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd.
218 Sri Murugan Spinning Mill
219 Sri Nachammai Cotton Mills Ltd
220 Sri Ram Spinning Mills Ltd.
221 Sri Ramakrishna Mills (CDE) Ltd.
222 Sri Saradhambika Spintex (P) Ltd.
223 Sri Saravana Spinning Mills Private Limited
224 Sri Shanmugavel Mills (P) Ltd.
225 Sri Vasudeva Textiles Pvt Ltd.
226 Sri Velayudhaswamy Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd
227 Sri Venkatachalapathy Textiles
228 Sri Venkatalakshmi Spinners Pvt Ltd.
229 Sri Vignesh Yarns (P) Ltd
230 Sri Visaka Textiles Pvt Ltd.
231 Srivenkateswara Knitting
232 Subadra Textiles Private Ltd
233 Sundaram Textiles Limited
234 Super Sales India Ltd
235 Super Spinning Mills Ltd
236 Supertexmills (I) P Ltd
237 Supremecot Spin Mills India Pvt Ltd
238 Suryalakshmi Cotton Mills Ltd.
239 Suryalata Spinning Mills Ltd
240 Suryavanshi Spinning Mills Ltd.
241 Sutlej Textiles & Industries Limited
242 Svasyntex Pvt Ltd
243 Swathy Processors Ltd
244 Synthetic and Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council (SRTEPC)
245 Tailors Creation India Pvt Ltd
246 Technocraft Industries (India) Ltd
247 The Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council of India (TEXPROCIL)
248 The Lakshmi Mills Company Limited
249 The Madhya Pradesh Textile Mills Association (MPTMA)
250 The Rajaratna Mills Pvt Ltd
251 The Soft Tex Processing Mills
252 The Sri Venkatesa Mills Limited
253 Theni Guru Krishna Textile Mills (P) Ltd
254 Thenpandian Spinning Mills India Private Limited
255 Thiagarajar Mills Pvt Ltd
256 Thiru Murugan Spinners
257 TRK Textiles (Ind) Pvt Ltd
258 TT Limited
259 United Bleachers Pvt Ltd.
260 V.G.Textiles Private Limited
261 V.M.D Mills Private Limited
262 V.Thangavel & Sons Private Limited
263 Vantex Limited
264 Vedha Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd.
265 Velliangiri Andavar Textiles Pvt. Ltd.
266 Victory Spinning Mills Ltd
267 Vijay Velavan Spinning Mill Pvt Ltd
268 VSM Weavess India (P) Limited
269 VTM Limited
270 Welspun India Ltd
271 Winsome Textile Industries Limited
272 Winsome Yarns Limited

Our Members

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