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Protocols for Assessing Agencies

Introduction and Terms of Reference

  • Assessment of Trainees or Recognition of Prior Learning will be based on Qualification Packs for each Job role
  • Training Provider (TP) will NOT be an Assessment Agency (AA).
  • No AA will be allowed to establish monopoly in geographical stretch or disciplines.
  • Assessment processes / procedures should be transparent, demonstrative and in line with international best practices to ensure credibility.
  • Seamless documentation and evidence collection.
  • Assessments through trained and certified assessors / assessors aligned to assess competencies as per the NOS.

Accreditation Paradigm for Assessment Agency (AA)

The Textile Industry dictates accreditation of AA, through TSC.

AAs could be for all segments of the industry (yarn &fabric manufacturing including handlooms and chemical processing) on pan-India basis; or restricted in scope of geography and/or segments.

Establishing monopoly will be guarded against.

Assessment concept of Independent Assessors empanelled with AA, identified, selected, trained and certified on Assessment techniques. These assessors should be aligned to assess as per the laid down criteria.

Accreditation of AA will be periodically reviewed on a 360o basis, besides regular audit of the AAs. TSC reserves the right to withdraw the accreditation based on the reports of periodic review and audit / reports of irregularity from the stake holders.

Appointing a Lead Assessment Body may be considered for quality assurance and uniformity of operations across multiple AAs.

Online systems for monitoring and reporting will be encouraged.

Process of Accreditation

Schedule for fee for Affiliation of Assessing Agency

S.No. Head Charges (Rs.) Mode In favour of Remarks
1 Application Fee 10000/- Demand Draft Textile Sector Skill Council, Payable at Delhi Per agency
2 Accreditation fee 40000/- Bank Draft Textile Sector Skill Council, Payable at Delhi Valid for two years
3 Workshops, Travel, boarding, lodging of TSC representative Actual cost Or 10000/- per assessor per workshop
4 Renewal of Accreditation 40000/- Bank Draft Textile Sector Skill Council, Payable at Delhi Every two years
5 Periodic Audits and Quality Checks Actual Cost
6 Assessment fees Will be paid by TSC to Assessing Agency

Protocols for Assessing AgenciesDownload

The process for accreditation of assessment agencies for the period of April 2018 to March 2020 is completed.

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