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About NBCFDC Scheme

Training of 4000 backward Class Candidates in Textile Sector

About the Scheme:

National Backward Classes Finance & Development Corporation (NBCFDC) has requested Textile Sector Skill Council (TSC) to facilitate the skill training programs in textiles across the country, leading to employment in the sector for 4,000 youth belonging to backward classes. The training programmes will be aligned to one or more of the 56 QPs developed by TSC.

NBCFDC will meet the training cost to the extent of Rs 10,000/- per trainee which includes Rs 2,000/- towards assessment, certification and administrative cost. TSC will conduct the assessment and certification as per the guidelines prescribed by NSDC. On successful completion of the training, TSC will credit Rs 8,000/- per trainee to the training provider’s bank account.

The textile mills interested to train backward class youth belonging to families having annual family income less than double the poverty line (Rs 81,000/- in rural areas and Rs 1,03,000/- in urban areas) are eligible to participate in NBCFDC training program.

To participate in NBCFDC skill training program, it is essential that the training providers (textile mills) have to seek affiliation from TSC. Mills which are not affiliated till date are required to comply with the following:

  1. Fill in the application available on TSC website (http://texskill.in/training-providers/get-affiliated-as-training-providers/) and send it along with a DD for RS 5,000/- in favor of Textile Sector Skill Council payable at Delhi towards application fee.
  2. Only TSC “Certified trainers” will be eligible to conduct the training programs. The existing mill’s trainers will have to attend an orientation program to become “certified trainer”. The orientation program will be conducted by SITRA/SIMA/BTRA. The participation fee to attend the orientation program will be borne by the mill.
  3. TSC has developed Qualification packs and National Occupational Standards (QP-NOS) for 56 job roles. For details please visit http://www.nsdcindia.org/nos or http://texskill.in/research/qp-nos/. Mills should choose the programs from these 56 job roles only.
  4. To ensure that the quality of training meets industry needs, the mill will have to submit a certificate from SITRA/SIMA/BTRA regarding vetting of documents for affiliation. The format is given in Annex-I. The cost of vetting the documents will have to borne by the mills.
  5. The minimum program duration must be 208 hours and the maximum batch size must not be more than 30.
  6. It is essential that the mills need to complete the affiliation process before the first batch of training is completed.
  7. Mills interested to participate in the program are required to submit the training details as per the format given in Annex-II and mail it to infotexsc@gmail.comThe last for submission of training details is 25th July, 2015.
  8. The reward of Rs. 8000/- per trainee will be disbursed to the mills, subject to successful completion of the training and submission of authenticated Backward class and family income certificate of each trainee. The format for the two certificates will be provided by TSC through NBCFDC.
  9. Minimum 70% of trained candidates need to be placed at minimum wages fixed by the state government of the region where the trainee is placed.
  10. The candidate has to be tracked for a minimum period of one year from completion of training. In case the candidate leaves the job on his own choice after accepting the placement offered, or without informing the Training Provider, the Training Partner/TSC does not have any obligation towards it. A format will be provided for accepting/rejecting placement offered.
  11. You are requested to kindly submit the demand for training Backward Class people as per the format given in Annex-II and mail it to infotexsc@gmail.comThe last for submission of training details is 25thJuly, 2015.

You are requested to kindly submit the demand for training Backward Class people as per the format in Annex-II and offer them jobs in the mills.

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