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About NBCFDC Scheme

Last Modified: March 15th, 2019

National Backward Classes Finance & Development Corporation (NBCFDC) has requested Textile Sector Skill Council (TSC) to facilitate the skill training programs in textiles across the country, leading to employment in the sector. The training programmes will be aligned to one or more of the 72 QPs developed by TSC.

About the Scheme:

The training under the National Backward Classes Finance & Development Corporation (NBCFDC) adheres to the below guidelines.

Target Group for the scheme:

  1. Persons of OBC caste (under state and/or Central Govt List) with certificates issued by competent district authorities.
  2. Persons of any caste but falling in Economically Backward Class (EBC), i.e., having annual income less than 1 lakh. Income letter issued by competent authorities or declaration by candidate on plain paper signed by a Gazetted officer is required.
  3. Persons from DNT notified categories. Declaration from the cluster head is required for such candidates.
  4. Sr. Citizens of age more than 60 years with a document verifying the age.
  5. Minimum age should be 18 Years at the time of assessment/certification.

The annual family income of candidates should be below Rs.3.00 Lakhs for OBC and below Rs.1.00 Lakhs for EBC. Caste Certificate and Income Certificate are issued by the Competent Authority of the State Government. The self-attested certificate endorsed by a Gazetted Officer for income is also accepted. Necessary documents of eligibility criteria i.e.  age, caste, Income & Educational Qualification, are required.

Selection of the Candidates from the above Target Group and other conditions:

  1. The Selection of eligible candidates would be finalized by the Selection Committee having Members from the concerned Training Institute, Nodal Officer/District Officer of SCA/Officer from District Social Welfare Department/Bank, representative of Govt./Collector Office/ representative from concerned Industry/Representative from NBCFDC etc. (Any three members from above).
  2. Selected candidate should not have availed any Govt. sponsored schemes (including NBCFDC), in the past.

Eligibility conditions for Training Partners:

  1. TP should have applied as Training Partner on SMART portal (http://smart.nsdcindia.org) and should have obtained the TP ID. Same need to be mentioned in the Proposal.
  2. TP would necessarily have the Centre affiliated on SMART Portal.
  3. TP must submit proposal with appropriate evidence of having conducted a survey to arrive at the numbers.

Conditions during the Training:

  1. Online Bio-metric attendance, Live CCTV for real monitoring and Video conferencing arrangements to be made by the Training Center through (Whats App or Google Duo).
  2. Training center will ensure that trainers of training (TOT) certified trainers are engaged for this training programme.
  3. The training center shall have to ensure job/self-employment for minimum 70% of the trained candidates within 3 months of completion of training.
  4. The trainees are also provided placement assistance and/or entrepreneurial guidance to start their own ventures. They are also encouraged to avail financial assistance from NBCFDC through State Channelizing Agencies and other Channelizing Agencies.
  5. The TPs need to ensure that all trainees of NBCFDC sponsored programmes have valid Aadhaar Numbers.

 Training Partner Payout:

  1. Total training provider are reimbursed the cost of training as per the common norms and mentioned in the term sheets from time to time directly by TSC.
  2. Payout will release in two installments 30% and 70% in terms of submission of documents. Complete details and Annexures will share after confirmation at the time of release of sanction letter.
  3. The fresh trainees may be provided with stipend @Rs.1000/- per month during the training period, if mentioned specifically in the term sheet, subject to 80% attendance of trainees in each month. These are paid directly to Candidates by DBT.


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